[E4C53] From the Beaches of South East Asia to the Offices of Y-Combinator – Henrik Zillmer of Airhelp


Today’s special guest is Henrik Zillmer, a serial entrepreneur with a military background as a former 1st Lieutenant in the Danish army. He is the founder of Airhelp - an online legal service company that helps flyers get compensation from different airline companies whenever their flight gets cancelled, delayed or overbooked. Among his numerous accomplishments is building 16 webshops, in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Indonesia in a span of 12 months. In this powerful interview, Henrik will share with us: What Airhelp does and how

[E4C52] How to Triple Your Income and Your List Size in 6 Months – Lisa Fabrega, the Courage Curator


My special guest for today is Lisa Fabrega, a multiple six-figure coach, writer and leadership innovator. Lisa believes that every time you hold back, self-sabotage, and keep yourself from stepping into the leadership you know you were born to embody, you are affecting the fate of the world, because you are removing a key player that assists in its evolution—YOU. Her purpose is to help people unleash their inner Gandhi, Mother Teresa or MLK’s (or helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary things) so that they can make a powerful impact in the world. For this reason, Lisa’s clients

[E4C51] How Business Can Lead Humanity to Prosperity, Peace & Conscious Evolution – Rowan Gabrielle of Sacred Commerce


This is episode #51 of Entrepreneurs for a Change and our guest today is Rowan Gabrielle, who is a visionary artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist with 20+ years experience in the conscious market place. Together with her husband Aywan Sawaf, they co-authored a groundbreaking book called Sacred Commerce, which traces commerce back to its roots in the Merchant Priesthood of Ancient Egypt & explores the future of conscious capitalism [LINK]. Rowan is also the founder of OrganicLeather.com, a company focused on Eco-Fashion, with the goal of revolutionizing our relationship to animals and

5 Powerful Reasons To Build Your Email List

How I Slashed My Phone Bill, While Making More International Phone Calls

Are you maximizing the benefits of email to connect with your audience? This video explains the importance of building a strong email list for your business. In this video, you'll learn: Why email is still the best way to reach people compared to using Social Media. How email lets you create a direct and consistent dialogue with your audience How you can use it to create on-demand traffic to your site How email gives you a database of loyal tribe of people that will support your business Topics Covered in this Video 0:33: Why you must build an email list. 1:14: Email is the

[E4C50] Build A Multiple 6-Figure Creative Business Through Diversified Income Streams – Jeffrey Shaw


A big hello from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia an exciting multi-cultural city where people still smile at strangers. Yesterday I had an enjoyable speaking opportunity at Mindvalley’s Hall of Awesomeness on How to Turn Business Into an Unstoppable Force for Good. Mindvalley is a leading publisher of information on personal transformation and the creator of the Awesomess Fest – a conference that attracts visionary entrepreneurs and transformational coaches. Now if you are an expert, it’s entirely possible to create a sideline business that involves coaching others. And my guest for today - Jeffrey

[E4C49] Turning a Kidnapping Escape Story into a Mobile Safety App for Women – Chin Xin-Ci of Watch Over Me


My very special guest for today is someone I met at Mindvalley’s Awesomeness Fest in Phuket, Thailand. This transformational event was a gathering of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world through bold, revolutionary and innovative means. With me today is Chin Xin-Ci who is an Internet marketer and technology entrepreneur. Her narrow escape from a kidnapping attempt prompted her find an entrepreneurial solution for women’s safety worldwide. Her solution was to co-create a mobile application called Watch Over Me, aimed at making women more secure

[E4C48] Succeed as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur – Ana Melikian of The Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training

[E4C46] Succeed as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur The Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training - Ana Melikian

If you are a self-employed service-based professional – this interview is for you. With me today is Ana Melikian, an Elite Level Book Yourself Solid Coach personally trained by the New York Times Best Selling author Michael Port, creator of the Book Yourself Solid system. Ana loves to share clear, precise and straight to the point knowledge about marketing, social media, web presence and networking through informative talks and workshops. Her PhD in Psychology comes in handy when she speaks about the Mindset Shifts necessary to make it as a solopreneur. In this Interview, Ana

[E4C47] How You Can Unleash the Conscious Capitalist Movement, From the Inside Out – Jeff Klein of Conscious Capitalism


When I did this interview for Episode 47, neither Jeff nor I realized it would be his last interview. Jeff Klein, CEO of Working for Good, Executive Director of BeingHuman.org, award winning author of Working for Good & It's Just Good Business, evangelist of Conscious Capitalism, and evolver of humanity through conscious business passed away in June 2014. Jeff was a true visionary who dedicated every breathing moment to making his life on this Earth matter, & leaving behind a massive positive impact. How he lived his life was a true inspiration to me and to the thousands of people

[E4C46] Attract Wealth & Opportunities by Changing Your Money Story – Stephanie Trager of Intentional Paradigms


These past 2 years as a digital nomad has been an immersion program into the entrepreneurial school of life. I’ve met, interviewed & worked with more entrepreneurs over the past 2 years than anyone else. In all my discussions with successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life on what the secret to success actually is – essentially, it all boils down to mindset, the beliefs we have and the stories that we tell ourselves. At the center of this is your money story, which we’ll unravel in more depth in the free Master Class you can download from the show notes at

[E4C45] How to Unleash A Movement that Ends Global Poverty – Bart Skorupa, Groundwork Opportunities


Now, my guest for today is Bart Skorupa who is Co-founder and Executive Director of Groundwork Opportunities, which invests in local leaders and entrepreneurs who have the potential to end poverty in their own communities and beyond. GO equips these leaders and entrepreneurs with the training, seed capital, and international exposure they need to take their mission to the next level. GO engages champions – ordinary people like you and I - to use their crowdfunding platform to spearhead fundraising campaigns that support the leaders and projects that they’ve identified as having the most