[E4C47] How You Can Unleash the Conscious Capitalist Movement, From the Inside Out – Jeff Klein of Conscious Capitalism


When I did this interview for Episode 47, neither Jeff nor I realized it would be his last interview. Jeff Klein, CEO of Working for Good, Executive Director of BeingHuman.org, award winning author of Working for Good & It's Just Good Business, evangelist of Conscious Capitalism, and evolver of humanity through conscious business passed away in June 2014. Jeff was a true visionary who dedicated every breathing moment to making his life on this Earth matter, & leaving behind a massive positive impact. How he lived his life was a true inspiration to me and to the thousands of people

[E4C46] Attract Wealth & Opportunities by Changing Your Money Story – Stephanie Trager of Intentional Paradigms


These past 2 years as a digital nomad has been an immersion program into the entrepreneurial school of life. I’ve met, interviewed & worked with more entrepreneurs over the past 2 years than anyone else. In all my discussions with successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life on what the secret to success actually is – essentially, it all boils down to mindset, the beliefs we have and the stories that we tell ourselves. At the center of this is your money story, which we’ll unravel in more depth in the free Master Class you can download from the show notes at

[E4C45] How to Unleash A Movement that Ends Global Poverty – Bart Skorupa, Groundwork Opportunities


Now, my guest for today is Bart Skorupa who is Co-founder and Executive Director of Groundwork Opportunities, which invests in local leaders and entrepreneurs who have the potential to end poverty in their own communities and beyond. GO equips these leaders and entrepreneurs with the training, seed capital, and international exposure they need to take their mission to the next level. GO engages champions – ordinary people like you and I - to use their crowdfunding platform to spearhead fundraising campaigns that support the leaders and projects that they’ve identified as having the most

[E4C44] Secrets to a 7-Figure Coaching Business – Shanda Sumpter, of Heartcore Business


  The field of business coaching is growing & becoming increasingly specialized. If you are an entrepreneur who loves helping others, being a mentor, and giving advice, you can easily create a side business offering your industry expertise as a business coach. Some entrepreneurs have found coaching to be so lucrative that their coaching programs now drive the lion’s share of their revenue outside of the core service they provide. And if coaching is your full time schtick, you can build a 7 figure business within 3 years, if you do it right. With us today is Shanda Sumpter

[E4C43] The Effortless Enrollment System – Ed Forteau, the Success Rainmaker


In this episode we are going to look at what it takes to create a sales funnel for your information products, using a variety of different strategies to attract leads. With me today is Ed Forteau is an innovative entrepreneur, a successful business coach and author of three best-selling books on marketing and sales. He founded the Effortless Enrollment System that uses advanced media buying methods that provides a steady flow of clients and new prospects to the media seller consistently. He believes that this client attraction strategy allows the media seller to take the role of a trusted

[E4C42] Podcasting Profits & The Power of Your Single Motivating Purpose – Internet Business Mastery – Jason Van Orden

Podcasting Profits & The Power of Your Single Motivating Purpose – Internet Business Mastery – Jason Van Orden

I am so excited to have Jason Van Orden on this week’s episode because he has taught me so much about podcasting, and it’s a real thrill to be here in conversation with one of my earliest mentors! Jason has a passion for helping people use online media to attract attention, make an impact, and get paid to do what they love. To date, he’s helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs live their dream. He's a co-host of Internet Business Mastery, the first-ever, longest-running Internet marketing podcast. Jason is also the author of the bestselling book, Promoting Your Podcast. In this interview, Jason

[E4C41] Accelerate Your Business Growth by Optimizing Your Site Speed – WP Curve – Dan Norris

E4C42 wp curve - dan norris

You may remember that back in March, Dan Norris was a guest on Entrepreneurs for a Change, sharing with us his expertise on startup validation, well I’m so happy to welcome him back, and to chat to him about one of the most important things you can do for your online business – increasing your site speed. Dan is co-founder of WP Curve, one of the world’s fastest growing WordPress support companies, which I use myself and LOVE. For about $60 / month they will make unlimited small changes to your WordPress site – template tweaks, plugin fixes, and more. Gone are the days of having to find

[E4C40] The Keys to Finding & Attracting Your Ideal Investors – Launch! – Scott Duffy

E4C40 The Keys to Finding & Attracting Y our Ideal Investors - Scott Duffy

I have to recommend a book that every aspiring and early stage entrepreneur needs to read, and that’s Launch!: The Critical 90 Days from Idea to Market, by Scott Duffy, our guest on the show. Scott is an entrepreneur, consultant, angel investor, Founder & CEO of The Launch Project™, a company dedicated to helping millions of entrepreneurs launch new businesses, products, and services, while remaining competitive in today’s entrepreneur-based economy. Scott began his career working for best-selling author, life-coach, and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins; worked for several

[E4C39] Create Your Freedom Business & Work From Anywhere – Nomadtopia – Amy Scott

Create Your Freedom Business & Work From Anywhere - Nomadtopia - Amy Scott

Living in Chiang Mai gives me such great opportunities for meeting other digital nomads and location-independent entrepreneurs, and one person I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know recently is Amy Scott, founder and owner of Nomadtopia. In 2004, Amy quit her office job to travel the world, and has never looked back. She now keeps a home base in Buenos Aires while she and her Argentine husband travel the world. Nomadtopia is not only packed with great info on the diginomad lifestyle, it’s also a virtual community where location-independent entrepreneurs around the world can share their

How I Set Up Call Forwarding From the US to Anywhere in the World

How I Slashed My Phone Bill, While Making More International Phone Calls

It may seem difficult to keep in touch with perpetual travelers but there are alternative ways to deal with staying in touch with location-independent digital nomads who travel around the world with no fixed address. Similarly, as a location-independent professional, you need a reliable way for people to contact you. There are tricks you can follow to set up a reliable phone number which can forward to any of your local phone numbers, anywhere around the world. In this video, you will learn: Three indispensable ways that Skype can rock your world The two tools you will need in