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5 Online Business Ideas that Catalyze Spiritual Transformation

online business ideas - omvanaMany online business ideas focus on consumerism. They help people to sate the desires they may have for material things. However, a market that hasn’t been explored extensively is Internet business ideas that help people to achieve a spiritual transformation.

One of the hurdles that many entrepreneurs in this arena face is marketing in a way that doesn’t seem unethical. Another consideration is whether profits should be taken when working in this sector, which can often be an emotional and intimate place to work. As you explore this internet business idea, you’ll have to determine how you want to approach these and many other ethical issues.

Omvana: Bringing Meditation and Inspirational Content into the Digital Age

The world has become a place where time is short, and many of us don’t have the opportunity to reflect on how our lives are going. Omvana has endeavored to change this by offering audio for meditation, sleep therapy and concentration in an iPhone app. A wonderful benefit to Internet business ideas like this is how it brings methods of spiritual transformation to the masses.

Due to their popularity, they are branching out and offering their services on more mobile platforms. In addition, they are relaunching their website, which means that audio can be purchased from your Internet browser.

Spiritual Retreats: Allowing People to Find Themselves around the World

online business ideas - RetreatsA key element of spiritual transformation can be travelling around the world. It achieves human awakening, and is an important part of our health and wellness. Spiritual Retreats offers an association where people can receive recommendations on independent vacations which include yoga treatments, spiritual growth seminars and group retreats that allow deep and meaningful conversations to take place. You could pursue online business ideas that bring these wonderful opportunities to more people.

The Shift Network: Offer Courses, Coaching and Workshops to Help People Change

Shift network - business ideas spiritual transformationSome people can become deeply unhappy and unsettled in their lives. As such, offering programs that involve one-on-one interactions can help their issues to be worked through in a methodical and personalized manner. You could enlist a group of talented specialists that range in disciplines including evolution, nutrition, futurism, theology, and holistic health like The Shift Network. As such, you would create a one-stop-shop that helps people to achieve contentment.

Hungry Mind Books: Become a Specialist Retailer in Spiritual Literature

Hun online business ideas - hungry mind for booksgry Mind Books has been in business for close to 25 years. They are an ethical company because of how they support independent booksellers and small publishing houses. They have amassed a considerable library of titles that are available to buy which discuss astrology, bereavement and spirituality books. By starting your own eCommerce platform, you can create a marketplace where people can broaden their knowledge and see life in a different perspective.

MindValley: A Company That’s Helping to Grow and Culture Hacking

Mindvalley - business ideas spiritual transformationMindValley has created the extraordinary concept of ‘culture hacking’. They want to use advents in technology to help us spiritually, and grow as people. They have amassed hundreds of thousands of people who are looking to reflect their thoughts within, and the website makes money thanks to its clever marketing and affiliate schemes.


If you know of some amazing Internet business ideas we haven’t yet included in our list, please send them our way! Use the comments feature below to spread the word.

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