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Home Business Ideas That Don’t Require Much Startup Capital – Part 1

One of the biggest problems that people have with venturing out on their own is that, while they may have a creative home business idea, they don’t actually have the capital to get it started. Creative home business ideas aren’t always expensive, however. There are a number of potential areas where someone can not only carve out their own niche market, but also make a profit without having to spend large amounts of money from the very start. Some capital is still required for a host of paperwork and other requirements, as well as necessary materials, but some business ideas don’t need much to get off the ground.


The ability to repair things is always a good point for starting a creative home business idea. The simple fact is that, sooner or later, people are going to need something fixed. With the right tools, someone can make a decent income using their home as a base of operations and going into other people’s homes to repair whatever needs repairing. Electronics and computers are among the most common things that need to be fixed, but people with skill in carpentry can also set up a business to repair furniture or the infrastructure of the house itself. Aside from the skills, all that are really needed are the tools and whatever legal paperwork and registrations are required.

Be sure to advertise, of course.


People who have experience in accounting or bookkeeping can make it a creative home business idea. A number of small businesses and start-up companies prefer to outsource their accounting needs, to reduce the financial burden. Competitive rates can make it very easy for someone to find clients quickly in this market, especially if the accountant has a lot of experience.

Consultancy and Tutoring

At some point, this became one of the most prominent creative home business ideas out there. The simple truth is that companies and businesses are often willing to pay for someone’s expertise and experience in a given field, but sometimes are not willing to put them on the company payroll as a full-time employee. For those who have the experience and are simply better at any given field than most of their counterparts, this can be an excellent creative home business idea to get into.

Writing and Editing

For those that have a background – or even a decent amount of skill – in writing or editing, this is one creative home business idea that can be very enjoyable and profitable. Businesses, particularly small ones, look for freelance writers to fill their websites with content or help produce marketing materials. Someone with creativity and a knack for writing to appeal to customers or potential customers can generate a decent income doing this.

For those seeking out a creative home business idea that doesn’t require large amounts of money, it is possible. There are a number of potential businesses that one can get into that can generate a good income without requiring a substantial initial investment.

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