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Sounding Off about Worldwide Hearing Impairment: Bridget Hilton of LSTN Headphones

lstn headphones entrepreneurs for a change logo imgNo matter what your age, living with a hearing problem or deafness has a dramatic impact upon your life. Woman entrepreneur, Bridget Hilton, aims to raise money and awareness to help those with hearing problems through LSTN Headphones a unique venture that combines high-end listening devices with a mission to raise money for the hearing impaired.

How LSTN Headphones and Bridget Hilton are Helping those with Hearing Problems through Green Business

Over 275 million people worldwide have some form of hearing impairment. What’s more, 95% of children in deaf schools could attend a regular school if they were given hearing aids for one or both ears.

Bridget Hilton’s original idea was to raise money to help people with hearing difficulties, and she knew that to do so, she needed some kind of product to sell. To Hilton, it made sense to sell headphones, so, she created her line of LSTN headphones. The headphones target the luxury headphone market and compete with the likes of Beats by Dre. As well as over-ear headphones, Hilton also offers earphones and jewelry.

Every time a pair of headphones is sold, the profit is given to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which works on an international scale to help those with a hearing impairment. What’s more, the headphones are fashioned out of reclaimed wood, so they are environmentally friendly as well as having a social conscience.

LSTN Headphones, alongside the Starkey Hearing Foundation, work to provide medical help for people with hearing challenges, so they can enjoy life to the fullest. LSTN Headphones provides hearing aid for children and funds prevention and education events.

About This Entrepreneur for a Change: Bridget Hilton

lstn headphones entrepreneurs for a change founder imageHilton has previously worked in the PR and marketing departments of music businesses, including Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. This gave her the understanding necessary to know what consumers want out of their headphones.

Hilton was inspired by social enterprises such as TOMS, Warby Parker, Krochet Kids, FEED, and Charity: Water. Her interest in social enterprise, combined with her love of music, made starting a music related social enterprise a natural match.

Hilton has received a great deal of praise in the press, making appearances in the Wall Street Journal, the LA Business Journal and Time Out NY.

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