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deliberateLIFE: Green-Focused Magazine Designed to Create a Better Tomorrow

deliberateLIFE_-_entrepreneurs_for_change_-_logo[1]The deliberateLIFE magazine is designed to do more than regular magazines can. It’s more than just a great read – it helps to create a better tomorrow. In short: good businesses win, as well as earth and the people around us – even if they are miles apart.

How deliberateLIFE is Helping Customers to Learn about Green Products in an Interactive Way

This green-focused publication helps people live their lives to their fullest potential, giving information about travelling, volunteering, innovating in business and engaging in the local community. It is very much a magazine that helps you do more with your life. This is start-up publishing project gives insight into peoples’ lives and decisions, and is released six times per year with content available on iPad that includes inspiring stories, videos, and curated products.

The deliberateLIFE magazine is a new publication that aims to overcome problems with traditional media. Its target market is people who are technologically savvy and interested in society, not-for-profits, art, and living well for less.

deliberateLIFE_-_entrepreneurs_for_change_-_categories[1]The magazine now has 3,000 readers from 52 countries, and features information about ethical and sustainable products, as well as living a greener lifestyle. The magazine features a community and online shop that helps you do more, and become greener.

For those who love to discover and use products that nobody else has, deliberateLIFE is an exciting concept. It delves into the stories of how goods and services are made worldwide, which helps people to make informed choices that help the environment. Strict editorial guidelines ensure the magazine cannot be bought out by unethical companies, which creates a high level of trust in their readership.

About this Entrepreneur for a Change: Fay Johnson

deliberateLIFE_-_entrepreneurs_for_change_-_magazine_on_an_iPad[1]Fay Johnson had travelled to 26 countries before she’d even finished high school, and she says that it was during a trip to Kenya that she came up with the idea of deliberateLIFE. Fay had a passion for photography and design, and her interest in politics combined with these to create a new magazine that covered all areas of life, including travel, being green and promoting sustainability.

Johnson has also showed her flair for eye-catching videos that grab your attention and convey important facts in a stop-motion clip about the publication on her YouTube page.


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