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How I Set Up Call Forwarding From the US to Anywhere in the World

It may seem difficult to keep in touch with perpetual travelers but there are alternative ways to deal with staying in touch with location-independent digital nomads who travel around the world with no fixed address. Similarly, as a location-independent professional, you need a reliable way for people to contact you. There are tricks you can follow to set up a reliable phone number which can forward to any of your local phone numbers, anywhere around the world. In this video, you will learn: Three indispensable ways that Skype can rock your world The two tools you will need in

How I Slashed My Phone Bill, While Making More International Phone Calls, Living Overseas as a Digital Nomad

Calling friends, family, clients, and dealing with important matters with your bank, student loans, or credit card accounts can get tricky when factoring in different timezones, long distance calls, and other hurdles. It doesn't have to be this way. There are free and cost-effective solutions to keeping in touch with people, and doing business in the US while you're offshore. In this video, you'll learn: The top 5 tools to help you communicate while you're traveling abroad How to reduce your smartphone bill from $200/month to $40/month Why slow travel can be

Why You Need a VPN Service As a Business Traveler

Why should you use a VPN service? A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, creates an encrypted tunnel through which your data can pass. This means that you can have a more secure internet connection, which adds extra protection against hackers, especially when you are accessing important private information. As a location-independent entrepreneur, you probably take advantage of free Wi-Fi in cafes, co-working spaces, airports, etc. Making business or money transactions in these public places places you at risk of getting hacked, which is why a VPN service is important. In this video, you will

Indispensable Gear for Long-Term Business Travel

Living a work/life balance while traveling can be difficult but it's achievable with the use of essential items that every location-independent entrepreneur can't live without. Wi-Fi is a business lifeline that every online entrepreneur needs, and there are many other must-have tech devices that also support the plugged-in lifestyle. In this video, you'll find out: The top indispensable must-have equipment to travel with as a location-independent entrepreneur Tips and tricks for optimum efficiency when in unfamiliar places and spaces The best ways to back up files TOPICS

How to Make High Quality Calls for Free or Cheap

As a location-independent entrepreneur and traveler, you may have to make important calls to your home country to deal with your bank or credit card accounts, for example. This can be a challenging task when you consider the expense of long distance calls and time differences but there are various ways to get around this. In this video, you will learn: The best Skype alternatives for doing video calls The best alternative free voiceover services A great high-quality service for travelers TOPICS COVERED IN THIS VIDEO 0:35 What are the advantages and disadvantages of

Pros & Cons of Bizpora

As a location-independent entrepreneur or digital nomad, it's important to surround yourself with like-minded people - people who get what you're about, and are genuinely interested about what you're up to. There's no shortage of networking and connection opportunities while you're on the road, so why not extend this notion by specifically targeting your place to stay through Bizpora? Designed for entrepreneurs only, Bizpora now accepts a pay model, and is similar to Airbnb but with a more targeted niche for entrepreneurs. If you're itching to meet other entrepreneurs or like-minded people,

Pros & Cons of Trusted House Sitters

If you are a traveling lifestyle business entrepreneur, there are a lot of different options for where to stay. One unique option that you may not be aware of is house-sitting. House-sitting provides a cost-effective way to work and travel in new locations for the budget-conscious bootstrapper. This home-away-from-home can be a good opportunity for the right person who doesn't mind a little trade/exchange. Because of the trade/exchange model that housesitting generally provides, it attracts people who are open to the gift economy; that is, the gift culture, or gift exchange, economy that works

Pros & Cons of AirBNB for Lifestyle Business Entrepreneurs

As a location-independent entrepreneur, you're going to want a different experience than a typical tourist. The transience of hostels may not fare well for establishing a steady workflow. Finding longer-term stays can be stressful, but with a little research, it will get easier in time. One option for longer-stay rentals is using the Airbnb service. In this episode, you will learn: What Airbnb is, and how it's different from other services What key things to consider when searching for an Airbnb listing The advantages of choosing Airbnb TOPICS COVERED IN THIS VIDEO 00:16

Pros & Cons of Couchsurfing for Lifestyle Business Entrepreneurs

Couchsurfing is a free option for on-a-budget travelers who would like to experience a culture in a more natural, home setting that is provided by the graciousness of their Couchsurfing host. Many off-the-beaten-path travelers opt for Couchsurfing for its authentic experience and a chance to make new friends. But how does Couchsurfing fare for the location-independent entrepreneur, or digital nomad, working on the go? These travelers aren't just on a vacation, but trying to balance work/life while being on the road. Is Couchsurfing a good option for this demographic? In this video, you'll

Where to Find Suitable Accommodation As a Location-Independent Entrepreneur

If you are a long-term business traveler, digital nomad, or location-independent entrepreneur, where do you find suitable accommodation that supports your need to work on your business for long stretches of time? If you are a tourist or a backpacker, you may not notice the fact that your hotel room doesn't have a desk, or that the bed and breakfast you are staying in has painfully slow Internet. But all of that becomes painfully apparent if you are enjoying the art of slow travel while working on your business the entire time. In this video, you'll discover: Why you really need to avoid