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How Do I Discover My Life Purpose?

Discovering your life purpose is not an easy task. Many people go through their whole lives in a blur; unconscious and lacking any real direction. How many adults really know what they want to "be" when they grow up? The constant struggle through change, resistance to change, and evolution is a concern in today's fast-paced world, where joining the rat-race numbs you to your inner wants and desires. How can you lead the life you want to live, and create a life purpose, calling, or mission that goes beyond your own life, and becomes your legacy? These are great questions to ponder. In

[E4C30] How To Launch A Membership Site That Trains Location Rebels – Sean Ogle

One of most powerful ways coaches and consultants can use to navigate their way out of the “dollars for hours” business model is to develop leveraged income streams. Let me explain what the difference is between passive, earned, and leveraged income. I’m going to give a shout out to Tim Conley of Foolish Adventure Internet Business Radio for giving such a great overview of the different income models. Passive income is money you receive without working for it. For example, if you have a rental property that generates income each month, that’s passive. Earned income is the money you

How to Discover Your Zone of Genius

Your zone of genius is your path to success. How do you find your zone of genius? There may be obstacles on your path that get in the way. Find out: What the 3 primary obstacles are that get in the way of your zone of genius How to identify your zone of genius Why it's valuable to hire a coach or consultant Topics Covered in this Video 1:01 What the first obstacle involves 1:13 What social conditioning has to do with your zone of genius 2:01 Why your zone of genius has to become a longterm commitment 2:35 The type of inventory you'll have to take 3:13 The types of people

How to Discover Your True Calling

Are you trying to figure out what your purpose and true calling is? You might think it's the struggle of a lifetime but it may be easier than you think. In this video, I show you how to break it down into three easy steps. You will learn: The questions you should start asking to discover your true calling The approaches you should take to find your true calling Advice on how to get involved with your true calling Topics Covered in this Video 0:32 How to discover your true calling in 3 easy steps 0:53 The three steps to identify your true calling Share this

[E4C29] Design A Business & Lifestyle That Embraces Your Feminine Brilliance; Femvolution – Alia Hall

This episode is dedicated to all you women entrepreneurs out there who are ready to claim your feminine power and, with fierce confidence, offer your best gifts to the world. I have a really juicy guest with me today, Alia Melissa Hall - a visionary entrepreneur, Master Coach and Liberator for Feminine Luminaries In-the-Making like you. A graduate of Brown University, Alia was a marketing executive for top brands and companies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Delta Air Lines, Procter & Gamble, and Visa. In spite of her successes building big brands, she still felt small, unseen,

The Difference Between Your Purpose, Your Vision & Your Mission

What's the difference between purpose, mission, and vision? How do you define them? While the three are interconnected, there are a few distinctions. Learning to distinguish them can help you on your path as a changemaker, and get clear on your life and goals. In this video, you will learn: How purpose, mission, and vision are connected Why you should define your life purpose, mission, and vision The differences between the three Topics Covered in this Video 0:32 How to make a bigger impact in the world 1:03 Understanding the concepts of purpose, mission and vision 1:46 How

4 Powerful Steps to Live an Extraordinary Life

Living an extraordinary life is a conscious choice. There are many ways to live an extraordinary life, and you don't have to be wild and crazy to do it. Living intentionally will help empower you to live an extraordinary life. Examine yourself, your goals and the world around you. In this video, you will learn: How to be intentional about envisioning an extraordinary life How to identify blind spots How to take positive action towards achieving your goals Topics Covered in this Video 0:31 The process of living an extraordinary life 1:10 You don't have to be wild and crazy to

[E4C28] Unleash the Power of NLP to Boost Your Business & Life – Dr. Angelica Underwood

The ability to make the best of undesireable circumstances and setbacks – and find creative solutions - is an important skill to develop as an entrepreneur. The truth is, life, will occasionally knock you down. And when that happens, negative emotions, stewing over circumstances you cannot control, or getting angry at yourself, is simply a waste of your precious energy. I know this is easier said than done, because we have our habitual reactions and emotional triggers, and it’s hard to stop the crappy feelings from flaring up. I made an epic blunder by allowing my visa to run out AND missing

10 Qualities of a Passion-Filled Life

How do you know if you're truly living a passionate life? Sometimes, we get off-track and may get into a rut. When you're living a truly passion-filled life, there are different signs that show you are on the right path. Discover these 10 qualities for a passion-filled life. In this video, you will learn: Whether you are truly passionate or whether you still have room to grow How to enjoy every moment of life The one thing you don't need that most people use every weekday if you're living with passion Topics Covered in this Video 00:31 How do you know if you're truly living a

What is a Passionate Life?

What is a passionate life? Does your life fill you with purpose, and is it deeply fulfilling, or are you in a rut and running on autopilot? What do you need to do to live a passionate life? In this video you will learn the seven fundamental questions to ask yourself in order to help you live the passionate life of your dreams. Topics Covered In This Video 1:00 Living on auto-pilot or truly living with passion 1:21 The 7 questions to ask yourself to determine whether you're living a passionate life 1:54 Are there other attributes of a passion filled life? Share This