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[E4C33] How to Change the World, Make a Bigger Impact, & Profit as a Transformational Author – Christine Kloser

I just had the most inspiring interview with Christine Kloser, the creator of the Transformational Author Experience, that has literally shifted how I am approaching the creation of my online course, the Changemaker Dojo.

Christine is “The Transformation Catalyst”; she mentors authors, and aspiring authors, who want to share a message of spiritual and personal transformation with the world, through the form of a book. Christine powerfully combines spiritual guidance and intuition with nuts-and-bolts writing, publishing and marketing expertise – and the result is a global movement of authors who unleash their authentic voice, share their message on the pages of a book and make a difference in the world.

In this inspiring interview, you will discover:

  • How to transform the worst experience of your life to the most wisdom generating gift.
  • How to nail the power of authenticity and keep your integrity.
  • The ONE question to ponder that will make writing seem effortless and help you break free from writer’s block and procrastination.
  • The internal and external benefits of becoming a published author.
  • How to tune in to your intuition and manifest opportunities
  • Why it is so important to get clear on who you are.
  • The groundwork you must do before writing your book and why you can’t afford to skip it.
  • The four things you should ask yourself to make your writing transformational.

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Lorna: Christine, it’s such a pleasure to have you hear on my show. You’ve cropped up on my radar a number of times, especially in my spiritual/conscious entrepreneur community. So I’m really glad to have you with us today. I would love for you to explain to my audience, who you are and how you got started with your business.

Christine: Oh, I’d be happy to and thank you so much for having me here. I’m excited to see what unfolds in our time together. Well, as Lorna said, I’m Christine Kloser, known to many as the transformation catalyst. I’m a spiritual guide, award winning author and a transformational book coach, which means that I spend most of my time working with people who feel like they have a message inside of them that is meant to be given, expressed in the world on the pages of a book. And they are not done with it. Some of them haven’t started. Some of them got stuck in the middle and they just need someone to come along and show them what they need to do and guide them really on the journey to actually put in their words on a page, in print so that others can receive their gift.

So, I use books as a tool for transformation and growth and healing for the author, the readers and I love it. It’s just, it’s great fun. So that’s what a bit about what I do.

Lorna: What was journey to be a transformation catalyst and book coach?

Christine: Well, as you could probably imagine, a great degree of my own personal transformation, I had started in the book world back in 2004 and prior to that, I had started doing transformational work and leading retreats for women, primarily, in the mountains of Southern California, way back in 1997. So authorship and transformation had both been my life for a while. But I held authorship at arms length and I lost sight of the work that I do as an agent really for change as a transformational catalyst in pursuit of that bright, shiny object called building a seven figure business, teaching people how to make money in their business. And I got off track.

I built a half billion business relatively quickly but it really wasn’t what sung to my heart. It didn’t have to do with transformation. It was all about just helping people make money, which my clients do but it’s not what drives me the most. So I really couldn’t keep up with that anymore. I didn’t want to teach people how to make money. I did not want to be a business coach, although I know a boat load about business. It wasn’t where my gift was. So I said, no. I have to stop this and I went through a journey of actually losing everything. I lost my business, even the publishing piece that I had which was small at that time. A business partner that just didn’t work out. She ended up with that. I lost my house and went through bankruptcy. I mean, I just fell apart.

And it was in that emptiness that I just begged the source, my highest self, God, whatever you want to call it, for clarity and guidance because I knew I wasn’t done. I knew I was here to be used for a greater purpose but I couldn’t see through the fog that I was in and having built this thing and have it crumble and really not even know who I was anymore. And that is when I got transformational author because with what I have just been through the last year or two on this journey, I know transformation. And at that point, I had already trained thousands of people with my program. So I knew authorship and that was the only plane that I could stand on in integrity, with joy and feel really good about what I was doing because I wasn’t teaching anyone how to make money. I was teaching the training while I didn’t know where I was going to live because I was losing my house.

So that’s how I landed on and created this niche in the market around transformational authorship, from my own transformation. And it’s been amazing ever since.

Lorna: I think what you just shared with us really nails the power of authenticity as well because I see this come up with a lot of entrepreneurs and I’m sure we’ve all questioned ourselves in the process of what it means to teach other people with authenticity and integrity. So, help me understand whether I’m getting one of the core pieces of this experience which was, you had built a business training other people how to make money but during that process, it all just crumbled and disappeared. And in your journey of really getting clarity and asking the universe for guidance, you understood that the one piece, your message, and your gift was the ability to teach other people authorship and since you went through that experience of transformation, that’s how you were able to uncover your true gift and be able to offer that in the world in a way that was in integrity. Is that an understanding of it, or is there more?

Christine: You picked up really most of the highlights and what the journey was. But yes, I had built a business on what I thought I should be doing, what my coaches taught I should be doing, what I saw other people doing and like many of us, sometimes we get into programs and there’s amazing programs out there and there’s other programs that care more about the program than they do about the person in the program. And that was kind of my experience. It’s like my coach actually didn’t really express a whole lot of concern over how I felt, what was right for me and just guided me down a particular path because that’s where people go. Whether on this path of building their business but it wasn’t the right path for me so it was just like I built a house of cards because I knew that it wasn’t true in my heart.

Lorna: Thank you for sharing that. Wow, okay. I’d love to ask you what insights did you receive from this experience and how would you inspire people to transform the worst experience of your life to actually be the best, most wisdom generating gift?

Christine: Well for me, that experience when I lost all the external stuff, I also lost all understanding of who I thought I was which was terrifying but also liberating. Because when you go through an experience like that and any of you who are listening now who are going through that dark path of the soul, that really narrow part of the journey where you’re out on the skinny branches and you don’t know what’s next or what’s going to happen or you can’t see how this could actually be conspiring for your highest good.

The more that you can dismiss everything outside of yourself and really tune in word to find even just the smallest spark that excites you, that can change everything. Comparison, shooting on yourself, any of that can be the death of a really soulful, compassionate dream pretty quickly. So for me, it was critical. I actually unsubscribed from pretty much every newsletter that I got. I stopped working with business coaches. I started working with a spiritual counselor. I actually have had some of my friends who are who are multi seven figure business owners tell me that the name transformational author experience was horrible, like they give it a zero on a scale of 1-10 and in terms of the hot factor. [Laughs]

Honestly, it was like…

Lorna: Long domain name, you know. Yes, I understand all the practices around that, okay.

Christine: But 10,000 people found it and said yes to it in a matter of 90 days because I listened, because I knew vibrationally, energetically, Transformational Author Experience was the only event, the only thing that I could do. And I’ve been doing summit since 2006, I think. I’ve been doing multi speakers summits almost for a decade, so before they were popular, you could say that I was doing them.

I knew I had to do it all this time. And had I in January 2011, just a few years ago when this was being pressed upon me to do. Had I listened to the wisdom of others who were far more successful than I was, who knew a lot more about marketing than I did, had I listened to them, these 35,000 people now far more than that because on our 4th annual transformational author experience now, then I would have never received the gift if I didn’t listen inside and say “I don’t care that other people say this is never going to work. I know, I can feel this is the only thing that I can do and a lot of people said they signed up because of the name, because it spoke so clearly and cleanly like they knew they were that but no one ever put words to how they identify themselves.

So if you’re in one of those dark night [10:16 Inaudible] and you’re getting feedback from every which way telling you what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. All of that is essential to just get quiet. I will spend two hours a day in silence during that time of my life just to be able to hear anything. Anything that came from inside of me instead of all those programmed would have, should have. What I ought to be doing according to family society. The leaders that I saw in this industry, the people would put me on that tear. It’s like two hours a day to just try to listen to myself, my own soul, my own calling. It’s worked far beyond any strategy that I could ever tell you to implement.

Lorna: Wow, thank you so much. I’m just coming out of one of those moments in my life, so I’m going to take your advice to heart, Christine, thank you. What does it mean, Christine, to be a transformational author and how is that different from other types of authors?

Christine: Well, it’s a quite interesting thing is when I got this pressed upon me, I was like, “Oh, for sure this has been done.” So I’ll just go online and put transformational author and coach in Google and see what I can find. And there were crickets, like Google never had no responses to anything. But in January of 2011, it couldn’t find anything online that had the words transformational author next to each other in that way. So I had to figure out, I got like, “Okay God, this is about me identifying what this is for myself and everybody else.

And the only way that I could describe what it is, is it breaks into these four different levels. And to me, transformational author, 1) is someone who gets that the process of writing the book itself is a transformational experience for you as the author. So, people really need to come into it like knowing and getting clarity on, wow. Well, if this is going to transform me, what’s the transformation that I want? Who do I want to be on the other side of this experience? It’s like, I have some of my clients say “My gosh, my list grew by this, my business grew by that, but the most amazing thing that happened is I now a whole different understanding of who I am in the world and I’m ready for my mission. That to me covers that first level. You know, there’s a transformation for you as the author.

2) You’ll also do the work to get really clear on the transformation that you’re yearning for, for your reader. This goes beyond just like the surface of “Oh but I want them to get is” But this is like a better way to wake up in the morning and read your book and experience one transformation, a shift of some sort that will last in a lifetime. What do you want that to be for them? And third level transformation to look at is that of transforming your business. When you write a book – I’ve seen this over and over again with my clients; it has the power to be the key that really turns on the engine of your business. And you need to be clear as a transformational author what that transformation is that you want for your business as a result of this book coming out.

You don’t want to write your book on a bubble without being really connected to what it can do for your business because it can do a lot. And then fourthly, one of my favorites of the four but I love them all. The fourth level is 4) to get clarity. What’s the transformation that you would want your book to have on the world?

If every single person on the planet got the message of your book, what shift would happen for all of humanity? What shift would happen to our planet? So transformational author is someone who takes the time to answer these four questions. What transformation do I want for myself? What transformation do I want for my readers? What transformation do I want for my business so I can serve and impact more people in deeper ways that the book can’t? And number four, what transformation that I want for the world through what I’m bringing forward?

That’s how I invite people to understand what it means, at least from my perspective, to be a transformational author.

Lorna: Wow, so this is really an interesting way in which you entered the market where there is no discernible evidence or data as to the fact that these ideal customers for you actually exist and you put yourself out there even though there is nothing in Google to indicate that it was a keyword that people are looking for and you did it. You put your message out there and you attracted these customers, that’s so intriguing to me because I speak to a lot of entrepreneurs that are in a transformational space and many of them have identified customers with really specific challenges that they provide a solution too, that their customers are willing to pay for and yet traditional market research data doesn’t really indicate that there actually is a market that exist. [laughs]

So, I would love for you to describe, I guess, the sweet spot that you were able to identify. How can other entrepreneurs who are in the transformational business space, model your process of identifying these ideal clients and your particular sweet spot? Is there a process that you could potentially break down?

Christine: I wish that I could break down a specific process. For me and for those that I coach, the coaching and direction is always back to your own truth; being willing to quiet all these voices that keep you distracted from what your intuition is trying to tell you. So many people don’t really realized the profound value of trusting that intuitive nudge and instead, listen to reason and implement strategy above and beyond listening to that thing that’s just pressing you.

That might not make any sense like something called the transformational author experience made no sense, but I knew. So the strategy if there were one would be spending two hours a day in silence. No, that’s not usually easy for many people to do. But begin to exercise that muscle and some of the ways you can begin to exercise that muscle is before you go to bed tonight, as your head hits the pillow and you’re shifting into a dream state, just ask. Say “Okay, highest self, soul, god, like whoever and whatever you relate to as you listen, I need some clarity. Listen, I need some clarity. I need some clarity in really knowing about what my next step is. Like getting clarity on who my market is and to be able to know they exist. Can you just, while I’m asleep, doing whatever I do while I’m asleep, can you just kind of go to work to help me be ready to receive and see what this is. And then, just drift off. But set that intention that during your sleep time. Some message, some clarity may come some way. And then you wake up again in the morning, take a moment to ask before your feet hit the floor.

Ask your highest self, ask that invisible field that supports all life. That is loving. That is supportive. That does want you to fulfill your divine purpose here on earth. Ask it to help you. Like sometimes I just wake up in the morning and before get out of the bed, I’ll just say, “Ahh soul, I speak to a soul. My soul, just give me the strength, the courage, and the clarity to just say what needs to be said in all these calls that I’ll have today. Just guide my words” I need your help today to just guide my words and open my heart and let me serve in the way that people need to be served.

Sometimes that’s just how I start my day. And the more I focus on working on that invisible realm. It’s amazing to see what actually happens on physical realm that manifestations, the miracles, the things show up, the people that say yes to me that were like the farthest parts I would ever going to ask. I wasn’t so expecting a yes and I would get a yes.

I woke up one morning with this intuitive hit, like, I need to get online that day and go look at open houses and we were not in a position to buy house yet because of everything we had been through. We had to wait until July of this year to be able to qualify.

For the FHA alone you have to wait three years post foreclosure short sale process. Anyway, I woke up that morning really strong intuitive hit. Go online, look at open houses. I went online, looked at open houses. There was one open house happening which is a few minutes away from where I live now and it was for a house that my husband hand driven past. I don’t know how many times we’ve said, we need to call a realtor and get into the house.

That day was the open house. I walked in. As soon as I walked in, I knew that was our house. I told the realtor about our situation. Five days later, he’s put me in touch with the mortgage broker who can actually take the loan in-house and not have to follow those laws and we’ve closed on the house where almost want to remodel, getting ready to move in and it was all because I just woke up and heard, “Go online and look at open houses.”

I now have my dream house effortlessly. Now, that being said, this takes practice. I have been in a rigorous practice for three straight years of being willing to really coax my mind to stop trying to think through everything and start trying to figure it all out and tune in more to my intuition. And that, just that feeling “Oh yes, this is right. This feels good.” Because when it feels good, and you’re in your joy doing it the universe can’t help but respond to that joy. So, strategy, I’m not quite so sure you consider it strategy, but it is certainly been what’s worked for me and many of my clients I have coached in this way as they moved forward in getting their messages out.

Lorna: Okay, so, I totally understand the power of tuning into your intuition. I’ve noticed, times in my life where I really ignored my intuition even though I couldn’t logically explain what was going on at all, looked on the surface really. It’s a good honky dory, but there’s some nagging sense that there’s something not right and I ignored it and boom, like just terrible consequences. So yes, there’s so much power to listening or tuning into your intuition but I think a lot of people have a difficult time. There’s a block for a lot of people especially in business where it tends to be dominated by a head centered way of being in the world, so I’d love to uncover how it is possible to really tune into your intuition.

I suspect, part of the ability to tune in to your intuition is not only just being able to spend some time in silence but to also get really clear on who it is you are. To really get tuned in to what your personal darma is. It’s not what someone else is saying what the darma is and you should do this to be a good blah blah blah Buddhist or Christian or whatever it is but what your personal truth is.

I come across this over and over again. So I want to ask you, did you go through a process of identifying who you are as a person, Christine? What is your life’s purpose? What is your mission and what is your vision? What are your core values? Did you go through that or did you just tune in?

Christine: Well, I would say that I went through this on the surface in a number of different renditions prior to my “on my knees” kind of moment. But when I was in that process and everything on the outside was gone. The only question that I could ask — because you have to understand like I was raised in a family where while we were not rich growing up, it was very much clear to me, at least from my perspective, it might not be true, but my perspective was that a person’s worth is based on how much money they make and their position in the world. That is how we measure the worth of a person, not for who they are.

So, when I ended up going through this financial devastation, really, what I faced was, not knowing who I am. I thought it was as person about being successful and making money. Success and being paid well for what I do is still important to me but it’s just no longer the driver but I was forced to my knees. Who am I? What’s important to me? What’s true for me? What do I want? Not according to anybody else’s picture, not according to any box that anyone ever tried to put me in but without any of that. Who am I? What do I want? What I want my life to look like? What’s the most important to me?

So, yes, I went through that process. It was challenging, I mean really challenging but also the most liberating thing I ever experienced because that’s only then when I could stand up in the middle of everything and be very public about my financial failure. And still be able to say with conviction but just with confidence and a sense of peace and alignment that this is who I am. I am a transformational catalyst. I am someone who knows how to guide people through the process of writing a book and has a transformational journey. I stand for authenticity and truth and liberation and creative expression and the soul’s not ending this particular life, not doing what they were here to do. I could stand on that anywhere, anytime, hopefully I will never lose it all again. But if I do lose it all again, that is still the place that I will stand because it’s just, authenticity, truth, vulnerability, presence is who I am.

When you get to that, you realize that everything can be taken away and still you don’t lose anything because you have that.

Lorna: Wow, thank you so much Christine for that. There’s such power truly to knowing who you are. Wow, that was such a gem. So, I’m going to reflect on that I’m sure for days and weeks to come. But I also want to hop in to another aspect of how you’re able to serve the people, the authors that you serve. I’m curious to know how you were able to attract these ideal clients who consider themselves to be transformational authors. What draws them to you? How do they discover you?

Christine: The primary way that they discover me is through my Transformational Author Experience. That’s sort of the biggest place to direct people to once a year in May. So this is why the timing for this is so perfect, but that is mostly how people come to me.

We do a big online marketing campaign. We get all sorts of partners to share with their communities and social media and all that kind of stuff. I do the work to go out there and build the relationships and ask for help from people who are in the position to influence, to suggest people come my way. Whether it’s en mass or someone sending an email to their hundred thousand person list or it’s through someone just sending a personal referral saying, “Hey, I did this and might be really helpful for you. You mentioned that you want to write a book. Go talk to Christine.”

If you’re talking life’s strategy, I don’t really implement a lot of strategy which is why I recently hired a marketing director because I realized I need more strategy [laughs] and I can do it but I don’t love it. But really, it’s right now, May of every year, this is my fourth year, consistently we have brought in more than 10,000 people. This year, we are looking at 20,000-30,000 people coming into my world just because other people are saying, “Hey this is amazing. My friend’s doing something really cool. If you want to write a book or if you care about transformation at all, check it out.”

So that’s how people find out about me. I stink at social media. I’m not very good with social media. I’m in the process of up-levelling that and getting the help I need because that’s still my passion. I love going out there and connecting with clients but as far as using it as marketing, it’s just not what I’m great at. I’ll do as many interviews as I can and accept as many interview requests because this is joy for me. This is fun for me. This is how everyone is listening about what I do by doing interviews. So, does that answer the question?

Lorna: Yes, that answers the question. So what is the number one problem that your clients and your target audience struggle with?

Christine: The biggest thing that they struggle with is all the inner game stuff, like the negative voices that creep up and say, “Who do you think you are? Nobody is ever going to read your book! Don’t you remember that you got a D in English or that you flunk creative writing?” It’s all just the voices inside that keeps someone believing these lies about who they are. I know, I see them, I see them as an expression of the divine. I see them as a gift from God with a message to share that other people need to hear, like, that’s how I see all of my clients. And then, I hear them on the coach so many times. My coaching calls are just like, “What do I do? I’m scared that my family that I’m going to shine my light too bright and my family won’t know what to do.” It’s like, buy them sunglasses. [laughs]

You’re here to shine your light. How they would deal with that is their experience but that can’t dampen you. So I spend a lot of time really helping people just get the clarity and the confidence and the courage that they need to be willing to set aside those voices of doubt. And the beauty is that once they do then I hear them like, “Oh my gosh, I just wrote 5000 words yesterday. Oh my gosh, this week I wrote 25,000 words.” And the words are just coming out of them once they get that shift and really diminish the volume of that voice. But self-doubt certainly is probably the most challenging situation that they face because it’s incessant, right? It can really be incessant.

Lorna: Yes, it’s these little voices that you’ve gotten so used to in your head that are just sabotaging your ability to really claim your brilliance and your life purpose, even. I got to de-program these thoughts because that’s how we ended up with them. We got programmed during our journeying in life on this planet from our parents or family lineage, from society. Even our language imprints a lot of these beliefs that I think we all have but it’s easy to really not realize that they’re there because they’re just operating. It’s the operating system operating underneath everything we do.

Christine: It’s the fish that doesn’t know it’s in water.

Lorna: [laughs] Exactly. So what are some of the other hurdles that people face when they’re writing a book?

Christine: Some of them are practical ones, like they don’t know where to start. They don’t know what to do first. They feel like they have too much information and how does it all fit in the book or not enough information and what do they need to do to expand it.

They get confused about, “What do I do first? What do I do second? What do I do next? How do I get these all out of my head and onto the page and out of my heart into written word.” They get themselves wrapped up and trying to just figure out the how’s on their own. Which is why I have the programs that I have because no one’s really attempt those forewarnings on TV when you’re watching these crazy things going on, it’s like, “Do not attempt this at home, for your own safety.” It’s like, there needs to be a safety warning for authors, like, do not attempt this alone. Forget about at home, but do not attempt this alone because when you are trying to just recreate the wheel and do it yourself, it can be really hard and gets you to stop because you don’t know, “Where do I start? What do I do next? What do I do after that? How do I publish the book? Traditional publishing, or should I self publish? There’s just so many questions that come up.

So those are some of the hurdles that I see authors facing that are the ones outside of that inner game just dealing with the self-doubt conversation. Those are just some practical, tactical challenges they face.

Lorna: So what are some of the first steps an aspiring author should take if they know that there’s a book that is just yearning to come out of them and they feel really called to write one, where should they begin?

Christine: Well, two things that I want to share. Number one is, for the process of writing itself, you never want to think as though you are writing your book for everyone who’s going to read it, the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands that may read your book.

When you write, you actually are only writing for one person. Your book is a personal one on one intimate conversation with that one person who represents your ideal reader, who is crawled up with your book in their favorite reading chair with a cup of tea to spend time with you. And when you bring it down to that, like you’re just writing for one person, I find it that that takes a lot of the pressure off for it to be perfect.

People want to write their first draft as if it’s print ready and then they don’t do it. No. This is just you writing to one person. And then the other thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who are similar to that one person, they all have that experience. So don’t ever think, “Oh I’m writing my book for millions.” Millions may read it but you are writing it for one at a time. And that can bring a lot of peace to someone’s process.

And the second thing that I want to share is, unless you’re the rare exception, sitting down to just write your book straight out beginning with chapter one without doing any foundational work is the biggest mistakes that authors can make. I’m not saying that you have to have an outrageously detailed outline and then follow it no matter what, but you need to do some foundational work to know who is this book for? Who is that one person that you are writing it to? What are the problems that they’re facing that you’re a solution to? What’s the journey that you want to take them on? What’s the big promise that you want your book to deliver?

You need to know some of these things in advance so that you can craft the content to fulfill that promise to serve that person, to remedy the problem that they may be facing. And if you don’t have that kind of clear foundation just sitting down to write, it can just be really far more challenging than it has to be. So do some ground work first and then write for one person. Those two steps will really help you get started.

Lorna: Great! Thank you. Do you have any advice for people who experience writer’s block or procrastination because that is probably the one thing I think that every person who writes for a living will encounter.

Christine: Well this may be very surprising answer or not, depending upon where you stand. But what best answers that I got to this question about writer’s block was I’ve interviewed (I don’t know, probably a hundred well known, bestselling authors out there) and I had the pleasure of interviewing Gay Hendricks who’s written a number of New York Times bestselling books. And I asked him this question and he post a question in response, he said, “Well, whenever I’m stuck or anyone of my client’s stuck and I’m helping them in their writing process, when they’re facing that thing called writer’s block, which writer’s block is never really a writer’s block. It’s always some other inner block that has you keeping yourself from being able to write. But what he said is that you should ask yourself the question, what part of myself needs to be loved right now? He actually paused, from the process of trying to figure out, knock your head against the screen or break your fingers on the keyboard, frustrated like, “Why can’t I write? Why can’t I write?”

That, I can’t say never, but that will bury you rarely produce something out of that energy that has something that will inspire, transform, teach and guide your reader. So when you’re in that space, forcing it, unless in rare exception, is not often the way to go. Backing up, refocusing, because there’s something inside of you that’s not having the words right. And when you actually clear that up, and it can be as simple as just stopping like Gay said, just ask. “Gosh, a part of myself needs to be loved right now.” And just ponder that question, more often than not what you’ll find is if you just take a few minutes to ponder that question, the words will come and it will be effortless, and it will be easy, and it will be fluid. There will be a flow. You will feel that river of grace coming through you. And one of the ways to allow that to happen is just to stop and ask that question. Not the question you expect around writer’s block but a question that can really release you of that stuck energy.

That being of course when you ask yourself, what part of myself needs to be loved right now, if what you hear is what you need right now, like your body needs to be loved right now. Get out of your chair. Get up and take a walk. You need to get up and move on that. Put your sneakers on. Get outside for 10 minutes. Take your toes on the grass. Listen to the birds chirp. Whatever it is for you, if that’s the part that needs to be loved. It’s that part that maybe hasn’t heard the birds chirp or noticed the blue in the sky and the green of the leaves for a while. And I assure you that if you’ll take some time to do that, you can come back to your desk and the block will be gone. There will be something there to write. So don’t force it. Do the work to let the flow and the words come through you.

Lorna: I love that, thank you. My traditional approach would be to drink more coffee. [laughs] I’m totally going to try this instead. Okay, so we’ve talked about a lot of the challenges that writers have. Now I’d love for you to share with us, what’s on the other side of that? What are the greatest benefits to putting your work out there in the world and becoming a published author?

Christine: Oh my goodness. There are so many, like on the invisible realm, the intangible internal realm, the confidence, the clarity, and the courage that come from the process are the very things that can transform you into being that unstoppable person to go after your dreams, to make that call that you had been scared to make. To say the things that you have been scared, to take that action that you’ve been knowing for years you ought to take but now, finally, you can, whatever, send that query letter to Oprah’s soul Sunday show. Whatever it is, there’s a confidence, clarity, and courage that you walk out with that will last you a lifetime. So that’s one, the internal peace.

Externally, it’s instant credibility, positioning as an expert. Expansion for your business because it’s the way I teach it because I teach people to use their book as just the front door but to make sure that people know through your book, how they can actually come into your world, work with you more, attend a workshop, do a strategy session to see if you’re a fit to coach them if that’s what you’re into. So it can greatly transform your business. Certainly get you on the media.

Just the other day, I was working on, a few weeks ago I was speaking on Lisa Nichols’ on Speak and Write event and I thought, “Oh you know what, I’m going to put together a PowerPoint slide and show visually what some of my authors have accomplished.” And by the time I was done and I looked at that, bestselling authors, award winning authors, people who got publishing contracts with Hay House Publishing, appeared on CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and Friends, Oprah and Friends, across the board, I just thought, “Oh my gosh, this is what a book can do for you.” Animal Planet, Entrepreneur magazine, the list went on and on and on. And when I really pulled the information together, that kind of visibility, that kind of a door opening, it’s sad but true that you could create a fabulous thousand dollar information product, if that’s the world that you’re in and if you present that to the media, it doesn’t have nearer the clout than being the author of your book that sells for $14.99

There’s still very much something about a book that just puts you on a whole different category. We’re getting speaking engagements, media attention, attracting new clients, if you want your book to be something that brings you new clients. I mean, it’s endless.

There are people come to my programs who after they published don’t even recognize themselves. Like, “I don’t know who I became.” But this person’s journey all along, gosh, he or she is finally here but they are almost unrecognizable. Everything’s changed. So a book really can be just the beginning.

Lorna: I feel like I could keep talking to you all day, Christine. I’m so enjoying this conversation, but we’re also coming towards the end of our interview so I’d like to leave you with the last questions. Now, in your role as a transformational coach, I imagine you probably spend a lot of time with change makers or let alone, talking to interviewing change makers. In your experience doing so, what have you discovered is the most effective way to change the world?

Christine: Being who you were born to be, each one of us was put on this planet to fill a specific role. I often tell people to think about the inner workings of the clock, an old fashioned clock or watch that has all these little gears and all these little teeth, and all these little gears. And everything needs to go exactly as so with exact precision for that second hand to just go tick.

And when I look at the world, I see, “My gosh, if every single person just fulfills their role, or the role that they were put here, that kind of being that they were put here to embody the way they were put here to serve, whatever that is, reaching millions, just making impact in the walls of your own home that when you are allowing yourself to be liberated from everything that you thought you should be and step into who it truly is you were born to be, you fulfill your role on that gear. Your tooth of that gear is in place and it allows all humanity to kind of work in unison, each of us doing what we’re here to do so that the world can be what it needs to be.

I don’t ever profess that anyone has to go out there and have a book that reaches millions of people for their impact. To be felt in the world, if you know what you’re doing here to do and you do it, large, small, it doesn’t matter. But if you’re In that vibrational space, it’s like, “I’m doing what I’m here to do and I’m doing it in a way that works for me, that makes me happy.”

That’s it! That’s it! You want to change the world? Do what you need to do in your life to be filled with passion and joy for what it is that you do in the world. You will just by your presence be transformed in the world.

Lorna: Is this business your life purpose, Christine and if not, what is?

Christine: It is definitely part of my life purpose. You can tell how fired up I am about liberating people to just be who they are in the world. That’s why I know I was put here to be who I was born to be, to liberate myself and then do what I need to do. And in the physical realm, to be able to liberate others and I’ve been blessed to see that what I’m doing with authors is that exact liberation, is helping people step more into their authenticity, so absolutely, that is for sure part of my purpose.

The other part of my purpose is on the personal side. It’s for me to just love and be, and enjoy my family to not make everything about my business which I have done in past but to just live my life, my beautiful, incredibly simple, quiet, amazing life in York, Pennsylvania. This is part of my purpose too is just to be happy in the walls of my own home, at home in my own body, just loving like I was here to love and being who I need to be, to really just feel fulfilled and joyous and all the personal parts of my life.

It’s big, huge, purpose in my business but never in a way that supersedes or overrides or sets aside or dismisses the sole purpose that I’m living here in the walls of my own home. So it’s really twofold purpose but they’re very integrated. My husband comes and he actually facilitates all my live events with me, nobody knows it until they show up and my husband’s kind of part of the package, so he’s involved on what I’m doing. But relationship, marriage, family, motherhood, that’s super high priority and business supports me in that too, so a little bit of both.

Lorna: Thank you, Christine. So where can people learn more about you? I think you mentioned you had a powerful free training that you would love our listeners to know about, what is that?

Christine: I absolutely would because you have all been hearing me talking about this thing about the Transformational Author Experience and our doors are open right now for registration. It’s absolutely free, been touted by many leaders in the publishing industry, bestselling authors, transformational leaders around the world, basically said, this is the place to go online to get everything you need to know about writing, publishing and promoting a transformational book. So you can do so right now by going to transformationalauthor.com and there you’ll see there’s a simple place to enter information and get a free pass to come and join me in this training.

The actual training runs from May 19th through 30th. It’s virtual. You can listen from anywhere around the world, absolutely free to the entire training and I have the best of the best. I look at my line up of speakers. Everyone from, Lisa Nichols, to [Inaudible] to one of the co-authors of the book, The Passion Test, Robert Allen who has had, who knows how many New York Times best sellers and the CEO of Hay House and top literary agents. They opened their hearts, their souls, and their brains to me during this training and they share everything they’ve got with you to help you on this journey, from writing, to marketing, to strategizing your book, making your mark on the words, fulfilling your divine purpose, how to get publicity. We cover it all. So that free training, you can go register for it right now at transformationalauthor.com and it would certainly be a gift to see you there.

Lorna: Thank you so much Christine. It was truly a pleasure and honor to have you here with me on the show.

Christine: Well, mine too. Thank you so much.

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